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    Environmental-friendly and economical solutions

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    Thermal stores that provide a constant supply of hot water

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    Solar power solutions for residential, industrial and commercial sector

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    High efficiency chiller for commercial & industrial cooling application


Techplus Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is an one stop energy saving solutions provider specializes in cooling and heating application as well as air & water sterilisation / disinfection. We provide services to all businesses including home owners. Our systems are designed to safely promote eco-friendly environment by using the latest and most innovative technology around the world.

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Our team of experts provide great customer service. We can help you with all your energy needs, from new infrastructure projects to saving money through energy efficiency measures.

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From commercial buildings, hotels, government infrastructures, factories to residential homes, we serve a wide range of our community’s need!

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Our products are certified by relevant authorities so customers can be rest assured that our products are conform to local/international standard.

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Kindly consult our expert for any business requirements. We can be reached via telephone number +6010 426 0995/+6012 309 6995 or email to enquiry@techplus-eng..

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